Visit Farnborough

You can find some of the most surprising things in the most apparently common locations. You can be walking down the road and then realize that the place may seem a bit familiar. For fans of the "Footballers' Wives", this is entirely possibly while walking down a road in Farnborough, as the show was filmed there. For those looking for a few fun sights in what appears to be a sleepy little town, this is just the beginning, and there are far more than just Hotels in Farnborough, with all matter of great architecture and plays in the area. It is just a matter of finding something specific to your needs, and focusing in on that.

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The Architecture

Farnborough has some great historical architecture. While the town is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, but it does have some castles and other ancient architecture. One of the most interesting sites to check out is the manor of thirteenth century notable Simon de Montfort, which actually dates back to the Middle Ages. George Pub is another fun little site to check, as it makes for an interesting study in how a sixteenth century adapts to later centuries. There is also the Church of St. Giles the Abbot and the Princess Royal University Hospital for those looking for something interesting to explore. Be advised that tours may be a little hard to come by, and please respect the current occupants.

Local Attractions

For those looking for attractions with more obvious signposts Farnborough does not disappoint. Hogs Back Brewery should be on the itinerary of anyone with an interest in brewing. For those with an interest in everything military there is both the Aldershot Military Museum and the Museum of Military Medicine. For those looking for something more interactive there is Containment, an escape room center offering a more literal form of escape. Finish out with the usual theatres offering a wide variety of plays, cinemas, and a rather nice collection of parks for those looking for a beautiful place for an afternoon picnic.

Finding Something To Do

While it may seem small there are more than hotels in Farnborough. There are enough interesting sites to easily fill an afternoon with activity, even if it is just looking at places where scenes were filmed in "Footballers' Wives". Just remember to take along some water and a light snack, and you should have an enjoyable time in Farnborough.